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About Mert's Cakes

Virginia Rankin …

A sculptor, a painter, a pastry chef… but for the most part, still a little girl at play. It was suggested to me a few years ago that I am an artist and my medium is sugar. My studio smells great!
My commitment to moist, old fashioned tasting cake is inspired by my grandmother, Mamaw Mert and her kitchen. Real eggs, lots of freshly churned butter, cream, a pinch of this and that, the smell from the corner of her kitchen with real fruit bubbling into a filling for that butter cake cooling on the table.
It all began when I was about three years old while sitting on my grandmother’s linoleum counter top licking the spoons and bowl. That was the beginning of a love affair that I have yet to get over!
Hers was a basic rural, southern Arkansas kitchen. An old Sunbeam mixer with heavy glass bowls. A square Jadeite tea cup (the kind that was found nested in a box of Quaker Oats) doubled as a measuring cup…. salt and baking powder measured in the small cup of her left hand. The oven door propped up with a broom handle.
Ingredients like freshly churned butter and cream.. eggs straight from the hen house.
Her cakes weren’t works of art, yet people stood in line at church socials to insure their chance at the prize, while I feared “What if there’s none left for me??” When I was eleven or twelve I asked for her recipe for that amazing butter cake with pineapple filling. Well a lot’s happened since then… long story short… somewhere along the way a transformation occurred from just great tasting cakes to great tasting cakes that also look great. My kitchen looks somewhat different from hers, yet thanks to the wonderful people who help me, baking one small birthday cake or filling a corporate order for one thousand cakes, the commitment to quality remains uncompromised. Recipes inspired by my grandmother, affectionately known to me as “Mamaw Mert,” indisputably the finest cake baker in Calhoun County, Arkansas.