Cake of the month is just that!
Loaded with all of the goodness that you’ve come to expect from our Kitchen, we have created an unique cake for each month of the year.
Each month these amazing praline cakes happily travel from our kitchen to yours and are the best combination of butter, eggs & sugar that you will ever put in your mouth!
Created for a personal treat or as the perfect gift!

MERT’S Spirited Praline Cakes
Cake flavors by Month

January: Champagne moistened Pound Cake
February: Black Forest Cake
March: Paddy’s Chunky Chocolate Mint
April: Louie’s Derby Cake
May: Mammaw’s Coconut Pineapple Cake
June: Papa’s Salted Chocolate Cake
July: Chocolate Dripped Banana Cake
August: Happy Margarita Cake
September: Kyle’s Delicious Carrot Cake
October: Cranberry Walnut spice Cake
November: Autumn Pumpkin Spice Cake
December: Dark Horse Chocolate Rum




Single Cake $51.00**
2 x per year $102.00**
4 x per year $196.00**
6 x per year $282.00**
12 x per year $540.00**


**Prices includes shipping and handling

*Receive our praline birthday cake as a bonus when you purchase the 12 month subscription.

To order your subscription please email us directly at or call 502-244-6200