From Mert’s Kitchen …

Message from Virginia,
Here at Mert’s Kitchen we take things very personally!
Our commitment to extraordinary product and masterful presentation is extremely evident in each of our hand crafted cakes.
Our story begins with…
Real eggs, lots of freshly churned butter, cream, a pinch of this and that, the smell from the corner of my Mamaw Mert’s kitchen with real fruit bubbling into a filling for that butter cake cooling on her table.
The smell. That wonderful aroma that laced itself into my red hair and blue sweater and traveled home with me.
Recipes inspired by my grandmother, we start with this moist old fashioned tasting cake, add exciting taste combinations with delicious filling choices, then artistically present it in a way that truly makes impact. Your guests then travel home with your cake permanently imprinted on their taste buds, and its vision forever etched in their memories.
It’s a romantic notion of mine that through the effort of striving for perfection, my team and I are able to “pass forward” a small amount of that sense of love & euphoria that I experienced as a child.